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The Station that Cares

One year ago, a letter arrived on the desk of Nalumino Nalumino, manager of Radio Maranatha FM in Kabwe, Zambia. It began:

“My regards to the station manager and the entire production team of the station that cares, Radio Maranatha. I was born in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and grew up in the Central Zambia Conference. I used to attend church services in Chibwe Adventist Church in Mukonchi Mission District, but I never thought of being baptized. “In 2005, I lost my younger sister. It was a very difficult moment for our family. My mother almost lost her faith, since the death of my sister disturbed her spiritually.”   Read More 

A Steady Voice in Haiti

The Bible contains numerous stories of people who quietly went about their business, doing good works and asking little in return … especially grand accolades. Nevertheless, even the most humble souls get a boost from having their efforts recognized, which is why we’re so pleased to feature the 32nd anniversary of 87.9 FM in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.   Read More 

Let’s Comfort Each Other

Every Tuesday at 7 a.m., the phone calls, text messages, and Facebook messages begin pouring in to “Duhumurizanye” in Kigali, Rwanda. By then, the program (translated as “Let’s Comfort Each Other”) has already been on the air for an hour on 106.4 FM – Ijwi ry’Ibyiringiro (The Voice of Hope Radio).   Read More 

Two Monks, Two Paths

Each person’s journey to discovering Jesus and ultimately accepting both His love and His divine direction is as unique as he or she is. Some people are intrigued by the analyses they hear in prophecy seminars, while others become friends with Adventist neighbors and slowly begin asking questions about their faith. One person may surrender to Christ’s leading within a matter of days or weeks, while another may take years to work through issues and doubts before reaching a decisive turning point.   Read More 

“My Church Needs Me”

Adventist World Radio is privileged to have top-notch professionals working in our studios and affiliate stations around the world. At the recent training sessions we held for current and future FM radio personnel in the Southern Africa/Indian Ocean Division, we had the opportunity to discover a fascinating variety of experiences and talents that these communicators are bringing to the Lord’s work.   Read More 

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